Saturday 21st July 2018

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September 2016

New Year 7 parents - your login details will be sent out this half term.
If you have not received an email by this time, please check your 'spam / junk' folder to look for emails from or contact Mrs J Neal to update your contact information. 

June 2016
We have found that many parents have misplaced their login details over the past couple of years and these have had to be re-issued manually on an individual basis. These requests are always met within a few days - if not the same day - as we are very keen on parents taking an active part in their child(ren)'s education. However, in an effort to minimise administration where we can, and as a courtesy to parents, next year we will be issuing regular reminders of login details to all parents for whom we have an email address. These will be emailed at the start of each term - autumn, spring and summer. We hope that parents will find this helpful.
It is also important to keep your login details safe so that no-one else is able to access your child's information.
As a final reminder, to log in to the VLE please remember to use capitals as given, as the login fields are case-sensitive.

October 2015

All logins have now been issued. If you are a parent and have not received your login details, please write to the school.

September 2015 Notice:
Login details for Parents of Year 7 (new intake) are not yet available.
Those parents who have included an email address in the information passed to school will receive their login details by email; all others will be able to collect a letter during the Year 7 Face to Face meetings on 30th September (full details to follow).

General Update:
In the unlikely event that your login details are not accepted in the VLE, please contact the school so that we can refresh them for you.

November 2014 Notice:
Requests for login detail reminders will be dealt with as soon as possible, but generally within 2 weeks of receipt. 

September 2014 Notice:
Parents of new Year 7 students will not receive login details until later this month. It is our aim to issue login details to parents during the first Y7 Face to Face evening but further information will be sent out about this in due course. We thank you for your patience.

April 2014 Notice:

All parents should by now have received their login details for the new VLE/parent portal. Any previous login details are now obsolete.

Please contact the school if you need a reminder of these details. Login details will be sent by post to the home address recorded in our records. If you need to inform us of a change of address, please send a signed letter to school.

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